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The Jump: A Medieval Adventure

Authored by Jessica DiPalma

Young Adult

Retail Price: $14.95



To most people Riley Caldwell may appear to be an average sixth grader from New York City. However, things are not always what they seem. The truth is Riley is descended from a secret legacy of art jumpers. Only a few weeks ago, Jack Saunders discovered that fact as Riley was about to enter a painting to rescue her grandfather when he failed to return from a jump. The two shared an amazing adventure and returned eager to jump again.On this new jump, Riley and Jack unexpectedly find themselves on their own in the painting of a medieval forest. While exploring they meet James, a boy around their age with a secret all his own. Agreeing to help James out of a difficult situation, Riley and Jack will face a dangerous new adventure and race against time to make it back to the portal before it closes and they are trapped in the painting’s strange world.

The Jump: A Medieval Adventure

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