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Jimmy Slattery Biography

Documentary Based on Scribblin' For a Livin'

Bonus Commentary

Bonus Commentary

An Interview with Ross Warner, by Alan Paul 

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The Panther Tales Review

from Two Book Ramblers

 The Watchers and The Gifted Ones (Panther Tales #1) by Daniella Rushton



This is the first book in a series for young readers that will delight those who love the fantasies we have mentioned so far. The protagonist of the story is Hannah, and her sidekick is a winged panther named Parky who was inspired by a life size copper sculpture displayed in the author's home. The book also has a very unique feature: it includes a list, curated by the author, of inspirational listenings to accompany some chapters. 


We had the chance to read this book recently and want to recommend it to you by featuring in our Six-Word Review section: A girl's ultimate fight for imagination

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