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Pondering Relativity: An Illustrated Guide for Building an Understanding of Einstein’s Relativity

Authored by Douglas Funke


List Price: $16.95

7" x 10" (17.78 x 25.4 cm) 
Black & White on White paper
256 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0998881133 
ISBN-10: 0998881139 
BISAC: Science / Physics / Relativity


The concepts of relativity are easier to understand than conventional thinking would have us believe. This book proves the point. It uses simple coordinated graphics sequenced throughout the book to build understanding in a gradual stepwise fashion. The self-reinforcing graphics help readers visualize the principles of relativity, building from simple observations to Einstein’s elegant and revolutionary conclusions. The book, authored by an experienced human factors engineer, applies human learning principles to make an otherwise difficult subject matter understandable and enjoyable. Mental exercises are offered as tools for experiencing, internalizing, and remembering the relativity principles presented. After both Special and General Theories of Relativity are explained, implications for how the Universe works are explored and discussed. 
Some of the questions addressed in the book include: How are space and time related? Can relativity’s effect on time change the order in which events occur? What does E=mc2 have to do with relativity? Isn’t there anything that can go faster than light? How does relativity affect how fast we grow old? What does relativity say about what we can and cannot know? Does space really compress at speeds approaching the speed of light? What does relativity say about how the Universe works? How can relativity and science inform our religious beliefs?  
Readers of this book will gain a new and deeper appreciation of relativity and what it says about how the Universe is made and works. Read this book and experience the excitement of relativity.

Pondering Relativity

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