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There is a better way.  There was the publishing industry before NFB and there will be a different one after NFB.  The central idea of NFB is community not corporation.  The author, the artist, the editor, the agent, all those involved working toward a common goal: to produce the best books ever or just a really good book.  The author retains all rights to their intellectual property without exception, as well as 90% of the royalties after tax and shipping.  We hope to provide all that is necessary for the author to flourish including editing, design and in some cases representation.  NFB means no excess, no double-speak, no empty promises.  The words on the page are the core, the author is the center and the book is the goal.  Expansion is always happening.  NFB is constantly looking for passionate writers, artists, and anyone associated with the publishing industry interested in something different.

Congratulations to Craig Buchner
Winner of Best Indie Short Fiction 2022 for His Book Brutal Beasts

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New Releases

Breaking Free: A Saga of Self-Discovery by a Gay Secret Service Agent
by Cory Allen 

Brek Front.jpg

A deeply personal, yet candid saga of a gay Secret Service Agent in the Obama era; an agent who was struggling with his own identity, marriage, discrimination and balancing the demands that accompany being assigned to protect the most powerful people in the world

Cory Allen delivers an amusing view into his adventurous life, with culture references, twists and turns of his relationships, and an inside look into the life, as a gay Special Agent in the hyper-masculine career field. Through intense self-reflection he recounts the impacts it had on his life and the hardships imposed by a career in the spotlight.

At the pinnacle of his career, he left the Secret Service to restart his life in California and begin the process of finally being his own person. Struggling to break free from social norms, creating his identity apart from his all- consuming profession, and learning to listen to intuition are at the heart of the memoir.

Staying Humble: The Journey of Building a High-Performance Team
by Patrick J. Hall

An Invitation To Readers

One of the greatest privileges in life is the opportunity to lead others. You can be a leader in your household, sports team or social network. You can also lead co-workers in big or small teams within your place of business.

To be an impactful leader, though, humility is essential. You must be willing to place the needs of others above your own. You will have to accept that you do not have all the answers to everything. You need to be willing to think differently and learn from past and present failures. And finally, you must take 100% ownership of the actions of those you lead.

If you have ever read a leadership or self-help book based on theory, principles, or practice and struggled to understand how you can apply what you learned to your own life—know you are not alone.

This book is about the journey of building a high-performance team through real-life examples all leaders can relate to regardless of their business industry.

In the course of my journey, I read many books by experts in the field. Their wisdom contributed to both my success and my mistakes. I found their ideas helpful, but ultimately had to rely on my own reading of the situation, my team members, and myself.

Place yourself in the story and apply it to some of the struggles you experience within your own leadership journey.

This book is structured so that it follows the consecutive stages of team-building incorporating insights from other experts that were pertinent to each particular stage. You can see how I adopted and adapted those ideas to form my own blueprint of best practices for building teams of any size.

I hope you can relate to the emotions, struggles, successes and failures I experienced while building a high-performance team.

My journey humbled me. What will your leadership journey do for you?


We Remain: Race, Racism and the Story of the American Indian
by Keith Burich Phd 

The story of American Indians is an arguably sad and tragic tale of the conquest, degradation, oppression and near extermination of the Native peoples of North America, all driven by a virulent and violent racism that courses through U.S. history. From slavery, genocide and removal from their traditional ecologies to incarceration on barren and isolated reservations, cultural annihilation, disease and despair, they have suffered much since the arrival of European colonists. And yet, they have endured and even triumphed, albeit in unexpected and surprising ways.

In We Remain: Race, Racism and the Story of the American Indian, Keith Burich meets Native people where they live, sharing their narrative in a profoundly stirring way. An emeritus professor of history at Canisius College, Burich uses his experiences and observations to trace the poverty, deprivation, discrimination and inequities of the present to the racial hatred and violence that invaded North America in 1500. Having spent 25 years in Indian Country, he has seen the worst of the Indians’ plight. Injustices notwithstanding, he has likewise witnessed firsthand the beauty, resilience, courage and compassion of America’s First People.

We Remain is a must-read for anyone who wants to better comprehend the power of the human spirit and the unique and tumultuous history of the United States.

Saving Buffalo Baseball
The 1956 Buffalo Bisons
by Howard Henry Jr. 

It was 1955 and the Detroit Tigers, the major league owners of the Triple A Buffalo Bisons, were pulling out of the city. Would the Bisons go, too? Not if a group of determined local baseball men, a ball club of veteran ballplayers and a city of committed fans had anything to say about it.

“Saving Buffalo Baseball: The 1956 Season” takes the reader into the on-field and off-field struggles of a new phenomenon in the Queen City—community owned professional baseball, following the team on a month by month, game by game saga from September 1955 to the hard-scrabble conclusion of the 1956 baseball year. Experience the doubts and disappointments and day to day heroics of what dedicated men (and some women) could achieve if only they stayed true to the cause. Starting from nothing, within three years’ time the Buffalo Bisons became the top drawing ball club in all of minor league baseball and with a valuation of more than half a million dollars!

Thanks to detailed (and sometimes conflicting) newspaper reporting and to the gracious involvement of several ballplayers from that team who discussed the 1956 season with the author, the reader will find inning by inning accounts of each of the 151 games played, plus the off-field efforts to simply keep nine healthy men on the field, pay their salaries and see the season through to the end. Simple box scores accompany each game. An internet link allows access to the full box score for each contest. In the book are the names of 233 Buffalonians and their families, plus 68 community groups, all of whom supported the club during this critical campaign.

Additionally, 18 local lads, Buffalo area ballplayers who dreamed to be Bisons or who played for other professional ball clubs during 1956 are highlighted. Perhaps your family or someone you knew made the newspapers that year; their name is in this book.

“What Happened to Our Heroes” gives brief descriptions of the post-1956 and post-baseball careers of the front office personnel and players, professional and amateur, all of whom strove valiantly Saving Buffalo Baseball.

Baseball front.jpg

The Way I went Last Friday


by Patrick Sawers

“We are dealing with a woman maniac,” the mayor declared, urging parents to keep a tight watch over their young ones until the deranged killer could be captured and brought to justice.

It was the summer of 1961, and the city of Buffalo, New York, was cast into a panic when the dead body of a missing boy is found floating in the lake at Delaware Park, a huge, rustic oasis set right in the midst of a thriving urban metropolis. Three-year-old Andrew Ashley had gone missing two days earlier, snatched right out of his own front yard and right in the wake of two previous (although ultimately unsuccessful) area kidnappings. From those would-be victims police had obtained a working description of the culprit – a middle-aged woman, roughly “as old as mommy, but not as old as grandma.” The story would take on another shocking dimension, though, when their "woman maniac" turned out to be something even more chilling - a damaged and maladjusted fifteen-year-old schoolgirl.

This is the story of Chyrel Jolls, a young girl from a broken home and a dysfunctional background, whose yielding to her darkest impulses would shatter a young family and send shockwaves through a typically-calm and family-oriented part of the city. This is also the story of the frenzied police investigation that ensued, and of due process in a court system left struggling to find some precedent to adjudicate the case correctly. It is also a snapshot of post-World War II America, from its looser notions of what constitutes child supervision to its vastly different approach to mental health and institutionalization.

Last Friday Front.jpg

Why: A Memoir of Love and Lymphoma
by John Melithoniotes


There is no test of a couple’s bonds like the revelation that one of them has a life-threatening disease. One of them, a husband, wife, or partner, will become a patient who may need care from the other almost constantly. This is the story of John and Marilyn, whose love of nearly forty years encounters a diagnosis of Marilyn’s Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. John’s memoir describes the complexities of how they navigated their way through a large urban cancer hospital, their daily attempts to manage the side effects of chemotherapy, and their emotional struggle to cope with a worsening crisis. He revisits key scenes from their lives in the hope of understanding their actions and the surprises in store for both of them.

Death Calls the Dean
A Cotton Cunningham Academic Mystery
by Dennis Collins

Mystery continues on the University of Buffalo campus as the death of a dean in 1968 is connected to the murder of a student twenty years before. Inter-office intrigue is at the forefront as Cotton Cunningham follows clues that will lead him from post-World War II times to the protest-filled years of the late sixties.

Dean Front.jpg
aubirn front 1.jpg

Driving The Auburn
by Peter Sullivan

If the stories were true, they should not be repeated. That’s what some said. Words were pushed underwater repeatedly, only to resurface dripping wet, blurring the lines of truth.

How was it that a farmer became a double agent, sailed to Ireland, and released a freedom fighter?

The effort to hide stories strains the best of relationships from one generation to the next. The energy to reveal the truth takes persistence and resilience.

Now three generations later, the history of the Donohoe family is revisited.

In the end, it is love that endures.

City Hall Secrets
by Dennis M. Adams

The Coterie, an alliance of ‘old school’ cops, finds that one of their own, Willie “Big Will” Williams, has been chosen to be the next Police Commissioner. As one of the few remaining Coterie members not yet retired, he is thrust into a position of balancing politics with justice when a protester is killed in front of City Hall. The incident leaves probationary police officer, Eli Washington, in a perilous predicament– the termination of his career, at best– or charged with murder, at worst. The young rookie finds support from the Police Commissioner, who is seeking fairness as well as justice. As a probationary officer, Eli has no way to defend himself from the accusation and could be terminated for little or no reason at all. Commissioner Williams, forced to take a neutral stand, elicits the aid of the Coterie to derail the political effort to make Eli the patsy. Harry Doyle takes the lead for the eclectic collection of sleuths. Their investigation starts on the steps of City Hall and leads to deep within. Corruption and murder seem to be one of the foundations of the Administration. And it all goes back to the beginning as a cold case unfolds to reveal the darkest of City Hall Secrets.

city front.jpg
We All Just Front.png

We All Just Bought A Team: The Biggest What-Ifs in Buffalo Sports History

by Jeff Dahlberg

In We All Just Bought a Team: The Biggest What-Ifs in Buffalo Sports History, readers can learn what could have happened if Terry and Kim Pegula didn’t buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014. Would the team be the Toronto, Los Angeles or Las Vegas Bills? How would the sports landscape change if Scott Norwood made that 47-yard field goal in Super Bowl XXV or Jim Kelly had refused to sign with Buffalo when the USFL folded? What if the NHL had disallowed Brett Hull’s goal in Game 6 of the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals or the Vancouver Canucks had drafted Gilbert Perrault? What if the Buffalo Sabres had chosen Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel became an Arizona Coyote? Buffalo sports fans can explore those questions and more in these pages.

Each chapter opens with a recap of the actual history, then pivots to the what-ifs. Prominent sportswriters, authors, historians and sports pundits then weigh in with their view of each question. It’s like being at a bar or a party where everybody is talking about sports and everybody has an opinion. Not everyone agrees but everyone has something to say. We All Just Bought a Team: The Biggest What-Ifs in Buffalo Sports History is sure to be a hit among Buffalo sports fans everywhere.











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