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There is a better way.  There was the publishing industry before NFB and there will be a different one after NFB.  The central idea of NFB is community not corporation.  The author, the artist, the editor, the agent, all those involved working toward a common goal: to produce the best books ever or just a really good book.  The author retains all rights to their intellectual property without exception, as well as 90% of the royalties after tax and shipping.  We hope to provide all that is necessary for the author to flourish including editing, design and in some cases representation.  NFB means no excess, no double-speak, no empty promises.  The words on the page are the core, the author is the center and the book is the goal.  Expansion is always happening.  NFB is constantly looking for passionate writers, artists, and anyone associated with the publishing industry interested in something different.

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Coming Soon From NFB: The Panther Tales by Daniella Rushton

New Documentary About Mark Twain in Buffalo

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Bonus Commentary

Scribblin' For A Livin':

Mark Twain’s Pivotal Period In Buffalo: Expanded Edition 

by Thomas J. Reigstad






In August 1869, thirty-three-year-old journalist Samuel Clemens—better known as Mark Twain—moved to Buffalo, New York. At the time, he had high hopes of establishing himself as a successful newspaper editor in the thriving metropolis at the western end of the Erie Canal. 

In this engaging portrait of the famous author at a formative and important juncture of his life, Twain scholar Thomas J. Reigstad details the domestic, social, and professional experiences of Mark Twain while he lived in Buffalo. Based on years of researching historical archives, combing through microfilm, and even interviewing descendants of Buffalonians who knew Twain, Reigstad has uncovered a wealth of fascinating information. 
The book draws a vivid portrait of Twain’s work environment at the Buffalo Morning Express. Colorful anecdotes about his colleagues and his quirky work habits, along with original Twain stories and illustrations not previously reprinted, give readers a new understanding of Twain’s commitment to full-time newspaper work.  

Full of fascinating vignettes from the illustrious writer’s life as well as rare photographs, Scribblin’ for a Livin’ is essential reading for Mark Twain enthusiasts, students and scholars of American literature, and anyone with an interest in the history of Western New York.

A Rooster for Asklepios:
A Slave's Story, Book 1 
A Bull For Pluto:
A Slave's Story, Book 2 

A slave without a past. A master without a future. A journey of discovery that will forever change the lives of both men. The ancient world comes alive in this vivid and engaging trilogy by an expert on Roman social history.

What if you suddenly discovered that you were not who you thought you were—that your true family history had been hidden from you since birth? What if the truth about your origins would cause others to despise you? What if the man who had arranged the deception was seriously ill and needed your help? What if you were a slave and that man held your life in his hands—and you his? These are some of the questions explored in the first two volumes of the new historical trilogy, A Slave’s Story.

The story centers on a slave named Marcus who manages the business affairs of a wealthy Roman citizen in central Asia Minor in the first century AD. The first volume, A Rooster for Asklepios, narrates his eventful journey to a famous healing center in western Turkey following a dream in which the god Asklepios appears to promise that his master will be cured there of a nagging illness. The second volume, A Bull for Pluto, relates the aftermath of this journey. 


Drunk on Sunday

by Ross Warner

Twenty five years in the making after almost as much time living it, Drunk On Sunday is a coming of age tale that is both familiar and unique.  It’s a story for anyone who tried to find themselves on the road to responsibility without losing sight of who you are.  From Westchester to Rochester to the Upper East Side to the East Village, Drunk On Sunday chronicles the story of Rob Gross and his battles against adulthood.  It’s that, along with a whole lot of strong drinks, good friends, and great times along the way.  Like so many, Rob discovers that his biggest obstacle isn't finding someone to share his life with, but figuring out how to deal once he does.

Even if you didn’t come of age in the ‘80s and ‘90s or have never been consumed with your favorite movie, team, or band you’ll enjoy this look at the rites of passage that so many of us must go through. 

An Interview with Ross Warner, by Alan Paul 

The Heretic’s Guide to Life: A Politically Incorrect Mémoire of Human Nature

by Terence O'Brien

They say there is no such thing as a dumb question but what if you don’t like the answers, what if you don’t like the questions either? What if you admit that your religions are fading in importance with each new generation and our technology is not giving the answers that awaken us to a deeper meaning of life?

The spark of truly being human and alive is to ponder some of life’s mysteries once in a while, this is called normal and pondering life’s mysteries is not done anymore. This is a no hold barred look at the realities of life, to once again find the spark of truly being human and alive.
The heretic seeks to find answers to:
-Why we humans became who we are.
-How the subconscious mind is the key to our success.
-What we must know to truly know ourselves.
-And, ultimately, what is the meaning of our lives.

Dark Shadows at Central Terminal

by Steve Banko

A long forgotten robbery… the impending demolition of an iconic building… and the claims of a deceased bootblack all collide to bring a former cop and her ex-boyfriend back together to search for a missing treasure.
Lexi Crane had a bright future ahead of her as a cop, until she had to arrest Coe Duffy, a trusted aide to the mayor of Buffalo. But she calls Duffy back from a self-imposed exile to help her tackle a mystery that could just make them rich.
Along the way, the pair face street gangs, thugs connected to the remnants of the mob, and a gigantic railroad terminal not anxious to give up its secrets. But maybe the greatest challenge is finding their footing in a once-promising romance gone cold.
Lexi and Coe piece together disparate clues to try to answer the riddle about what happened to hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen money and find out much more about themselves than they thought.

The Shadow of Forever: A Norse Saga

by Marshall Seddon



When a band of Berserkers enters the sleepy little village of Kinester on the west coast of Skattenoya, a string of events is touched off that disrupts the lives of every person in the village. Soon it becomes apparent that the Berserkers are part of a mysterious campaign led by a Norse lord named Maarku, whose lust for power knows no bounds. Villages up and down the coast are taken over, using an archaic custom called "Holmgang," where the winner of a duel takes the property and family of the loser.
Based on sagas, legends and myths, The Shadow of Forever is the account of the struggles of Eric and Bryn, a brother and sister forced by circumstance to come of age in the violent world Maarku has created.

The Witch's Return

Book One: The Stargazer Island Series

by Sionna Trenz 

After fifteen years away, Sonya McKenzie is finally back on Stargazer Island, the one place she felt at home. As old friends welcome her back, Sonya creates new bonds and strengthens old. Love, soul deep and long dormant, springs to new life.

But an age-old darkness begins to encroach on the idyllic island, threatening everything and everyone Sonya holds dear. With her circle at her side and the island at her back, Sonya must stand against evil’s building energy. She must find the strength within herself to defend and defeat the dark in order to protect Stargazer Island. The fate of the entire world now hangs in the balance.

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           Jimmy Slattery
     Produced by Rise Collaborative

Tailwinds: How Love, Faith and a Future Saint Lifted an Airman Through WWII

by Martin J. Haumesser

Arthur Haumesser was just 22 years old when he served in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a radio operator on a B-17 bomber during World War II. He and his future wife, Ruth, wrote more than 500 letters to one another over the course of the war detailing their experiences on the battle front and the home front. When his father was hit by a car and killed in Buffalo in 1944, Arthur could not come home for the funeral and those letters became a lifeline—a tailwind—to carry him through 30 missions over German targets. An equally important tailwind was the Catholic chaplain who looked out for the soldier after his father’s death and introduced him to Padre Pio, a future saint and guiding influence for the rest of Arthur’s life.