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East Side Elegy

Authored By David Coleman

Crime Fiction


Retail Price $14.95


Tom Donovan, ex-cop turned private investigator is trying to go legitimate. New business, new office, financed in part by money with dubious origins. In walks Irene Jaworski, grandmother of the dead girl he found in a garbage bin a year ago. Irene is looking for answers and closure for a case that was never solved. Donovan's lawyer and occasional employer introduces him to Tariq Zaman, an Iraqi refugee who came to the US to start a new life but was followed by a shadow from his own past. The FBI and a mysterious government operative have also taken an interest in Zaman and his past and pull an unwilling Donovan into their investigation. Donovan must fend off the Feds, the local cops and a notorious street gang while he tries to get closure for Irene. Once again, the lines between right and wrong are blurred as Donovan navigates his way through the dangerous situation he finds himself in.

East Side Elegy: A Tom Donovan Mystery

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